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As some of you maybe already know, My Chemical Romance split up. They announced their breakup yesterday, on 22nd of March, on their website. I believe we all, as MCR fans, are shocked and upset. I know that many of you owe your lives to this band, and I know how painful the fact it doesn’t exist anymore is.

  But what My Chemical Romance created stays, the fandom stays, the amazing music stays. We still have each other and the fact that MCR won’t be writing any more new songs, or touring, doesn’t mean we’re not the MCRmy anymore. No matter what happens, keep creating your My Chem related art, because the band remains an inspiration for us and we shouldn’t forget the message they left for us: Art is the weapon.

Keep runnin'.

XO Peace Valentine

  Hello, Rina's here! Me and Peace decided that it would be best if we wrote a blog together dedicated to MCR's breakup since we're both big fans of the band. I haven't got much to talk about, my friend basically summed up my thoughts and feelings on the situation. But, there's still one more thing I'd like to remind you of. A word of advice, to be honest - don't give up on your love for those four men that made a whole new world of adventures, a world that gave you shelter in all those dark and complicated times of your life. I'm talking mainly about The Black Parade and Danger Days. Great albums with even greater concepts. Let's not be the fandom that broke down to those news. Let's just stay strong and continue doing whatever we used to do before. Let's not just be that fandom that turned dead-silent and never even spoke about their passion ever again. Because we are the people that will either continue to spread the story of this legendary band, the band with unique sound, or we'll just let it fade away and let it be forgotten. Just because a story has an end doesn't mean it shouldn't be told times and times again. We're all allowed to move on of course. Just don't let this one story die.  

"I’ll fail and lose this fight
Never fade in the dark
Just remember you will always burn as bright"

XoXo Zlspin
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The-Exus Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2013
There is still some evidence that they might not be breaking up, only re branding themselves because of bad problems with their record label as shown here: [link]
Sayonarasolo Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
im so sad that they split, but i will always love them and the music they made. i just wish i could thank them for everything... they were truly amazing, and i know i'll listen to their music till the day i die.

thanks MCR, for being there for me when i needed you most... we'll all miss you.
BurningSpinKilljoy Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
We most certainly miss you...</3 They'll never be forgotten.

Sayonarasolo Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
very true
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March 23, 2013


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